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New lookout tower to be built by Polish partners on Králický Sněžník – a contribution to the development of the entire region

In the course of an Interreg V-A Czech Republic-Poland Monitoring Committee meeting, financial support for 15 tourism-related projects worth over € 18 million and three destination management projects for € 1.5 million were approved. The most significant project is the erection of a new lookout tower on the top of Králický Sněžník, which is expected to support the further tourist development of the area. Partners of this project are the Stronie Slaskie commune and the town of Králíky.

The lookout tower on Králický Sněžník will substitute the original lookout tower with tourist lodge demolished in the 1970s. “This activity is a clear signal for us that our Polish neighbours are also aware of the touristic importance of Králický Sněžník and its surrounding locality, which has recently become one of the most significant winter and summer resorts. The lookout tower clearly belongs to Králický Sněžník and I firmly believe that the grant approval will enable a successful realization of the whole project worth four million euros. In this case, the contribution by EU funds amounts to 3.5 million euros, covering 85 percent of the total cost of all the project-related activities, partnered by the town of Králíky on the Czech side. A tourist information centre will be set up here, again considerably increasing the comfort for visitors to the area,” said Martin Netolický, President of Pardubice Region.

Totally 72 projects with a total requested subsidy amount exceeding € 90 million were submitted in the call for priority axis 2 (Developing the Potential of Natural and Cultural Resources to Support Employment). 47 projects successfully passed the acceptability audit, and the above-mentioned 18 projects were recommended for financing by the Monitoring Committee with a total subsidy amount exceeding € 20 million. “I am very pleased that all applicants’ projects from Pardubice Region have succeeded. Thanks to the supported projects Kłodzko-Orlicko-Sněžník, Industrial Monuments of the Borderland Open to the Public and On the Border on the Edge, we may expect the construction of a visitor centre in Králíky, the restoration of the lookout tower on Králický Sněžník, new Industrial Machinery Museum in Žamberk, a bike arena in Moravská Třebová as well as an adrenaline obstacle course for cyclists in Dolní Morava. Realization of projects Castles and Chateaux Unite Us and Treasury of Experience – Stories of Mystery and Common History will help promote the natural and cultural attractions in Pardubice Region,” said René Živný, Tourism and Sports Councillor of Pardubice Region.

The Monitoring Committee further decided to reallocate unspent funds to six substitute projects from the previous call, amounting to more than € 3 million. Also, the project Nimptsch Unites Us administered by the town of Letohrad, focused on creating a route from Letohrad to Niemcza, revitalizing the castle park in Letohrad and reconstructing the historical bastion building in Niemcza, will most probably gain the same support.

Author: Pardubice Region

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