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The Conference introducing the project – 27.03.2012

On 27 March 2012, the Conference introducing the project “Strategy of integrated cooperation on Czech-Polish border” was held in Wrocław. In November 2011, the project received funding from the Operational Programme for Cross-border Cooperation: Czech Republic – Republic of Poland, 2007-2013. Lower Silesia Province Government was represented by Vice-Marshal, Jerzy Łużniak and by a member of the province board, Jerzy Tutaj.

The joint Polish-Czech project is a result of works that have been carried out since 2010. The first step was the signing of the Letter of intent for the creation of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. It was signed by Rafał Jurkowlaniec, Lower Silesia province governor, four Czech governors and representatives of both Polish and Czech parts of Nysa and Glacensis Euroregions. The Letter was officially signed on 5 October 2011 in Jelenia Góra. “Strategy of integrated cooperation on Czech-Polish border” project is another step on the path to create an EGTC on Poland-Czech border area.

During the conference, the project’s main targets were discussed together with the expected results of actions taken in order to assess the possibility of enhancing cross-border cooperation on Poland-Czech border area through the creation of EGTC. The project organisers comprise, apart from Lower Silesia province, of Hradec Kralove region performing the function of the project leading partner, Liberec region, Olomouc region, Pardubice region and Polish and Czech parts of Nysa and Glacensis Euroregions. The total value of the project is EUR 269 633.03, including EUR 229 188.04 from the European Regional Development Fund. The project will be realized until 31 December 2013

The Conference numerous attendees listened to the invited guests’ presentations. A special attention should be drawn to the presentations given by a representative of the European Commission, Jose Antonio Ruiz de Casas, who during his speech outlined the role of EGTC in implementing the EU Cohesion Policy, the president of Poland-Czech Parliamentary Group, Monika Wielichowska,  who pointed to the significance of EGTC in supporting the regional policy in Poland and Czech Republic in the context of 2014-2020 financial perspective, as well as an EMP, Piotr Borys, who outlined the current debate on the future functions of EGTC.

Until now, no EGTC co-organised by a Polish partner has been registered. The works that aim at the creation of this type of cooperation are carried out in the most advanced form on the Poland-Czech border area.

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